Thursday, June 13, 2013

~A Walk Through Old Malacca~


This month, it is really busy for me, travelling with the loved ones!!! My sister in law had come to Kuala Lumpur for her graduation day (congrats sis!) on 11 June 2013 at PWTC. Since she and her husband (abang ipar) were here...We decided to be their tourist guide...Yo-yo oooooo la tu kan...? Ngeeeeeee

After took them around Kuala Lumpur, on 8 June, we took them to Malacca. Well...Malacca is  one of our favorite places ever!

heritage walk, malacca

Well, our first stop was at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. Since we have trouble while searched for the parking lot, we decided to park our car in the mall. Luckily, we spent 3 hours shopping!!!  I bought 2 jeans and a t-shirt.. Aiya, jauh nau memancing yea.....^_^

We are so luckily as we wanted to take the pictures with the 'costumed-people'...It is really nice to see them wearing the traditional cloths...I saw 'Spiderman' costume but not ready on that time to snap a picture..Very funny to see the 'Spiderman' around the traditional costume...hehehehehe

st paul, malacca

 a farmosa, malacca
a farmosa, malacca

st paul, malacca
the stadhuys malacca

the stadhuys malacca
jonker street, hard rock malacca

 taming sari malacca

As usual, I must buy fridge magnet for my collections. Huhuhu..We just strolled along the street to see the view of old malacca. My sis in law would like to come again with her children one day. Hope my sis in law and bro in law were enjoyed their trip this time. ^_^

erkkkkk: motip tetiba blogging in English????? English budak sekolah yea....I memang failed in english skit..huhuhuhuhuhu.....

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