Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Kitun(s)

Got msg from my sis. She wants a cat for her sis in law. So, inilah hasilnya.Harap my sis would like it as well many ppl got the kitun for free as well....hehehehehe......

This kitun i just made for my fren who was lost her beloved kitun a few months ago. She really love her kitun so much and i think i can't give her a 'live' or cat yang betul² la kan.....Jauh plak nun di i decided to make this kitun specially for her. (and also, her birthday and also her first anniversary will be coming soon. :) )

Her late kitun's name was Tina Turner. I hope she really like it. *wink*

From left to right: a gift for my babysitter's doter, T luv T; a kitun for my fren; Noormanal.

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